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So, notastupidape challenged me to “say 5 nice things about myself publicly and then send this to 10 of my favorite followers”. I’m really bad at doing those, but I’ll try.

  1. Back at school, I always was one of those kids who’d get along really well with most of the teachers. Some kids at my school were really mean, and most of the teachers were so nice, so I used to feel kinda protective about them. Some of them are still my friends of Facebook.
  2. I love kids and I’m usually nice to them.
  3. If you’re my friend IRL I’ll probably be always telling you to take a look at some new shows or movies I’ve watched recently.
  4. I think I’m a good listener.
  5. I’m really focused about my own problems (even though I procrastinate a lot), so I don’t really mind other people’s business unless it’s something serious. So I’m highly unlikely to get in someone else’s way.

And, well, I’m really bad at picking people to challenge this…. so, well I guess I challenge all of you.